June 10, 2011

footprints in the sand...

Princess of Romania and Queen of Yugoslavia Maria (Mignon) and Princess Ileana of Romania
  • From Wikipedia - Maria of Yugoslavia (6 January 1900 – 22 June 1961): She was known as Mignon in the family to distinguish her from her mother. Her mother was Queen Marie of Romania, a daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, a son of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Her maternal great-grandfather was Emperor Alexander II of Russia. Maria's father was King Ferdinand I of Romania. Through her paternal side she was also a great-granddaughter of Maria II of Portugal. ; Princess Ileana of Romania (5 January 1909 – 21 January 1991): On her tonsuring as a monastic, in 1967, Sister Ileana was given the name Mother Alexandra. She moved back to the United States and founded the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, serving as abbess until her retirement in 1981.
  • Footprints in the sand poem (image source