November 12, 2013

Humans and dogs - the two-way model

I consider that the "two-way model" (pointed out to me by Carmen), in which humans and dogs took steps towards each other going beyond the immediate (and obvious) material/survival benefits for both is perhaps more consistent with (and constitutes a more satisfactory explanation of) the enduring and inspiring kinship/love between man and dog, and with the kind of special feelings we generally experience towards "man's best friend". Probably the ancient humans were equally impressed / awe-struck by the mysterious and genuine convergence between dogs and themselves (in which steps were taken from both directions), which for sure taught people a lot about themselves in a difficult period when humans and dogs "saved each other" in a sense going beyond the mutual survival. In a sense, it's a mystery which adds real value to the relationship between man and nature. It goes way beyond that - as the logoi of Creation converge in a (super) natural way, but at least this is the most that can be broadcast from the borders of the secular zone :-)