November 30, 2013

Spicuiri: un articol superb - "Pro-Life, Pro-Animal"

Un superb articol in National Review / 25.11.2013 - "Pro-Life, Pro-Animal" - de Matthew Scully. Cu precadere relevant in contextul crizei cainilor comunitari in Romania de astazi, cand tema "grijei fata de om" este raspindita la repezeala, antitetic si in regim amplificat (inclusiv de o serie de auto-declarati "conservatori" si "pro-life") prin toate megafoanele mass-mediei - doar-doar va acoperi temerile generate de uciderea "maidanezilor" si abuzurile nenumarate impotriva animalelor, abuzuri ce au luat ostateca, din nefericire, tara crestinismului cosmic:
"It gets us nowhere to diminish animal welfare as a moral concern by changing the subject to instances of great human affliction, as if we cannot be expected to care about both, or as if those very afflictions are a constant preoccupation in our daily lives. Such answers are the first reflex of many people, amounting to the non sequitur “There is human suffering, therefore animal suffering is beneath my attention.” Or, less loftily, “I have better things to think about.” It reminds me of the pro-abortion line that if pro-lifers really care about children so much, why don’t we focus instead on broader social priorities like more funding for federal preschool and nutrition programs to serve our nation’s precious children after birth?"