January 29, 2014

Un semnal pozitiv (din pacate inca... rara avis): sanctionarea cruzimii fata de animale

Ma bucur, insa va fi si mai bine cind vom adresa cruzimea endemica fata de animale pe cont propriu si nu ca un rezultat al unui "international outrage"...

"Commissioner Elena Sava and Agent Paraschiv Catalin together with wonderful volonteers from the NGO Per Anima Adelina Gafita si Liviu Iovu went to the rescue of the kitten who was tormented by a little girl, in a vide posted recently on Facebook. The international outrage triggers a swifft intervention in Bacau and the kitten was confiscated, and charges for cruelty to animals have been filed against the parents of that little girl."(source: Facebook)