February 20, 2014

Lapdog epistemology defense against animal cruelty reports: government validates truth

Preamble: BBC - Concerns raised over Romanian stray dogs
In the context of the latest European MEPs visit to Romania in connection with said concerns (welcomed by all Romanians sharing the principles of ethical treatment of animals), adding insult to injury is the "defense" of the unprecedented mass killing (and underlying epidemic of animal abuse in Romania) offered by certain individuals and groups insinuating that the truckloads of reports of animal abuse, all disturbing media documenting animal cruelty, constitute simply "information unconfirmed by Romanian officials" - and thus it must be (how convenient)... discarded. It's that simple, folks! In other words, the criterion for truth validation/confirmation (in the context of animal cruelty) lies with the authorities, themselves responsible for issuing the infamous killing law, and administering the shelters of extermination! Alas, by this rotten logic, North Korea is doing just great, since all the information emerging about the crimes out there is "unconfirmed by North Korean officials". To put it in a different way, the self-appointed "civic responsible citizens" (a sort of political arm of the canicide party, de facto government lapdog with an overblown sense of importance) are so much entangled in their propaganda buildup that they just don't realize that by promoting this rotten epistemology-in-denial (government acknowledgement/validation of, and urgent remedies against, the serious state of animal abuse in Romania as reported in the independent media never comes - that's why the animal lovers hope for a long overdue EU intervention), they are shooting themselves in the foot - implicitly acknowledging that animal abuse in Romania is not yet taken seriously by the government. Photo credits: Facebook (dog dumped in a canal, with a wire around his neck that hung rocks).