February 20, 2014

St. Maximus the Confessor: nature should not be made to suffer, exploited or violated

“The high value of the natural world is emphasized in Maximus’ doctrine of logoi for genera, species, and individuals. The Logos-Christ not only expresses Himself in His logos for the human species and His logoi of human persons, he expresses Himself in the logoi of every created nature, of animals, insects, plants, minerals, etc., as well. By the simple fact of man’s task and by the simple fact that the Logos is the foundation of the nature of all kinds and particulars, it is obvious that, according to God’s will, the natural world should be treated with respect. It should not made to suffer; it should not be exploited or violated.” (The Christocentric Cosmology of St. Maximus the Confessor, by Torstein Tollefsen, p. 228)