March 12, 2014

"Nu utilizati termenul de eutanasie in contextul politicii de exterminare in masa": o exemplara punere la punct europeana a lacheilor guvernului in privinta legii uciderii

March 8, 2014 
Andrzej Szczepanek & Pia Berrend - Our observations regarding IREC's 'Right of Reply' from 7th of March, 2014 concerning the article called 'Neglect of Stray Dogs - MEPs Deliver Damning Indictment of Romania's Mismanagement' published by Dr Rita Pal on Huffington Post.

This is an extraordinary indictment of the
"logic of state-legalized and institutionalized violence which dramatically and profoundly changes the emotive and legal perception of sentient beings denying them their legal status of sentient beings and transforming them in the eyes of the public into disposable and unfeeling junk. The pace, the intensity and the extent of slaughter simply annuls the validity of the concept of a sentient being thus corroding the moral foundation of the law."
The killing law 258/2013 law against EU legislation, despite the insinuations of its supporters:
"It is preposterous to believe that the 258/2013 law is in line with the EU legislation and complies with the World Organization for Animal Health. The global scope and violence of the mass extermination program encourages corruption and unprecedented abuse of the law all the more because there is no permanent and reliable social supervision of the extermination practices and because the killings have been legally sanctioned."
And about the most abused term in this particular context:
Do not use the term euthanasia in the context of the policy of mass extermination because it ultimately destroys your credibility.
For a comprehensive account of the animal abuse in Romania, find a great documentary here. Image source: Facebook - Occupy for animals