April 28, 2014

De facto immunity? Law facilitating governmental animal abuse sought by ASPA!

From Vier-Pfoten's FB site:
"Instead of taking responsibility for the horrible cruelties perpetrated by its employees, ASPA coordinator Razvan Bancescu presented a new set of abusive rules against the animal lovers or owners. According to a proposal to be approved by the Bucharest City Hall council, the animal lovers that tries to obstruct any action of ASPA catchers (no matter if their methods are brutal and illegal) will be fined with almost 1000 euros. The new tax for revendicating a dog from public pound will be around 60 euros, and the same amount will be payed monthly for a distance adoption. VIER PFOTEN underlines the fact that these sums are prohibitive for Romanians and will deter any further adoptions. They also show the fact that ASPA management it's not interested at all in promoting a humane solution for the stray dogs. Unfortunatelly, 7100 strays were already killed by the City Hall of Bucharest and many more will follow."
Clearly the self-serving "obstruction" claim opens wide the door of de facto immunity for governmental (dog catchers handled by ASPA) abusive handling of stray dogs.Ontopic: A new shocking video filmed inside the public dog pounds of Bucharest (Bragadiru and Mihailesti) and broadcasted by the media shows the extremely cruel treatment of these animals, which are beaten, badly handled and left to die in agony by the city hall employees.