May 6, 2014

Letter to the EU Court of Justice: when animal abuse becomes abuse of human beings

THE programmatic, indiscriminate killing of stray dogs promoted by the Romanian government (both at the central level as well as by many local jurisdictions), and its various media/NGO/"civic" acolytes - diligently working on building a negative image for people caring for the unfortunate street animals - is an abuse of, and a direct attack on, the sensitivity, empathic instincts and values, and basic humanity of those horrified by the epidemic of animal abuse in our country. Thus, animal abuse metastasizes in an outright abuse of human beings. The hypostases of this widespread abuse vary from the Kafkaesque bureaucracy that discourages adoptions, to the lack of transparency and local governments hostility to any public oversight on the so-called shelters (of extermination, for all practical purposes), to the creation of a self-serving legal body that would ensure 'de facto' immunity for the abuses perpetrated by the dog catchers working for government agencies such as ASPA (making it difficult - under the threat of huge fines - for any bystander to express/voice disapproval for the dog catchers' abuses, any such criticism being easily represented as an "interference with the activity of ASPA" - which occasionally even abuse private property), and culminating with the outrageous "ban of human kindness" that would forbid (under the threat of a fine of about two months worth of salary) any compassionate person to dare give a piece of bread to a skinny street dog. The (dark) feeling is that the government message is:
"We want to kill them all. You have to stay away, or else we will make your life very unpleasant by generating a legal system that will force you to stay away. Just keep away and watch the massacre"
That is why this mass killing project and the legal framework surrounding it becomes more than a problem of four-legged animals, or dog/cat population management: it becomes OUR problem, a BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS problem, as long as our compassion, kindness, love and empathy (of adults as well as children exposed to such horrors) are abused, and ultimately intended to be silenced, by government abusive, "in-your-face" style, actions and misdirected control policies with respect to street animals and human beings alike. The mass killing program is an assault on humanity's deepest emotional nature. It needs to stop.

Dr. Mihai Caragiu, Professor of Mathematics at Ohio Northern University

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