May 26, 2014

Recent Vier Pfoten - Mercury Research poll: 62% of Romanians "against the killing of stray dogs", 72% "agree with the docile ones being returned to the streets, if sterilised"

So, after all, it's the infamous alliance between the thick-skinned and abusive government, various interest groups (political, economical) and unprofessional dog-catchers and shelters-of-extermination personnel that conducts the lucrative business of killing (in the process, trampling over the feelings of most Romanians and, to add insult to injury, using their tax money for funding the widespread abuse).

 From the photo caption: A recent poll – carried out by one of Romania’s leading market research companies, Mercury Research, on behalf of VIER PFOTEN – shows that 62% of Romanians are against the killing of stray dogs. A large number of Romanians agree with alternative solutions to the stray dog problem: 84% prefer the option of keeping stray dogs in animal shelters and 72% agree with the docile ones being returned to the streets, if sterilised. The poll shows additionally that 66 % of Romanians would not vote for a political party that supports euthanasia of stray dogs. “That the vast majority have no sympathy for politicians in favour of killing is a clear message by Romanians”, says Gabriel Paun, Director of Campaigns at VIER PFOTEN. “I am looking forward for the MEP candidates to position themselves publicly on this topic and take it seriously on their agenda for the next five years.” Furthermore, the poll reveals that 7% of Romanians are even willing to adopt a stray dog. This means about 1.15 million Romanians. “If all these animal-friendly people would really adopt a stray dog, then the situation would improve significantly”, stresses Gabriel Paun. And he added: “We ask them not to hesitate, and to give a warm home to a stray dog. There are so many gentle dogs in the shelters or on the streets waiting to be killed or adopted. For those taken from the streets we may perform sterilisation and microchipping for free.” Source: VIER PFOTEN PRESS CENTER ; Image credit - facebook