May 22, 2014

Tarkovski - Solaris (final)

Quick background: "Snaut tells Kelvin that since they broadcast Kelvin’s brainwaves at Solaris, the visitors stopped appearing and islands began forming on the planet's surface. Kelvin debates whether or not to return to Earth or to descend to Solaris in hopes of reconnecting with everything he has loved and lost and everything fades to white. We are at a shore of the frozen lake with Kelvin's back to us. As the scene is explored we realize Kelvin is at his father's house. Kelvin's dog runs to him, and he happily walks towards it. He realizes something is peculiar, though, when he sees through the window that it is raining in the house. He sees his father, oblivious to the rain, sorting drenched books. His father sees Kelvin at the window and greets him at the door. Father and son emotionally embrace on the front step of the lakeside house. The camera zooms out though a cloudy atmosphere to reveal they and the house are on an island in the middle of the ocean on Solaris." (cf Wiki, Solaris (1972 film))