July 16, 2014

Private contractors for Oprescu's ASPA attack Romanian and German activists, damage car

My comment - the fact that dogs captured by ASPA are "being left to die of hunger and dehydration as a result of the suspension of the the Methodological Norms" is still a crime according to the existing (not abrogated by said suspension of Methodological Norms) general animal cruelty laws. TWEET! https://twitter.com/MihaiCsquared/status/489451529750196224

A new chapter in the saga of government abuse: private contractors for Oprescu's ASPA dog killing business attack Romanian and German activists, damage car...

Dog catchers attacked Romanian and German activists, damaging their car. Excerpts from description text: During the night from 15th of July, 2014, Romanian activists who were accompanied by two people from Germany followed ASPA head, Razvan Bancescu, for more than one and half hour through Bucharest and who was again protected by the Police. This happened after they had visited a Bucharest shelter during the afternoon where they saw horrible images: dogs being left to die of hunger and dehydration as a result of the suspension of the the Methodological Norms for the implementation of the Killing Law (258/2013) which makes the killing of healthy animals illegal. One of the German activists later stated that they had troubles staying behind Bancescu's car as he drove dangerously through the busy city, not even respecting the traffic lights. Bancescu's irresponsible driving style is nothing new. This apparent lack of control appears to be consistent with his actions during the night of 8th of July, 2014 when he had caused a traffic accident - apparently intentionally - while cutting in front off a car from the Bucharest Team that followed the dog catchers to document their nightly illegal actions, resulting in the injury to three people who had to be taken to hospital. Bancescu's inability to control his aggression was captured on video, where he violently attacked by-standers, including an attempt to knock out a woman. In the next video, you can hear one of the German activists describing the attack (starting at 4:40) and stating that: "while they stopped their car, six people belonging to ASPA, came to their car, jumped on the hood and tried, with their fists and elbows, to break the windscreen which shattered all over his feet and that they hit him in the face, twice, and very brutally".