July 12, 2014

Quo vadis canicide masterminds? The killing of love vs European values

Peter von Kohl (EU Reporter, special correspondent) in dialogue (first video below) with MEP Janusz Wojciechowski (on the left) -  likely the next President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals on the cruel treatment of stray dogs in Romania and the killings that are still being done despite injunction issued by Romanian appeal court (via Occupy For Animals - FB). Under the circumstances, who can blame Janusz Wojciechowski who suggests tourists should be advised against traveling to Romania due to the (potentially psychologically harmful, one might easily argue) cruel government practices involving animal abuse that they might witness, practices that are "under the standard of civilization"...    
QUO VADIS canicide masterminds Oprescu and Bancescu (who recently took a swing on a protester)? To say nothing about the vocal nobodies supporting of the killing law (most notoriously represented by "IREC" - a group of self-appointed "civically responsibles" with an inflated sense of importance), who lately appear to specialize in calling the dog catchers while tempting (thus keeping busy) kind and hungry stray dogs with bits of food.. The group of 60+ percent of Romanians opposing the killing law - thus making the existential choice for LOVE - is either ignored/misrepresented, or otherwise insulted on a daily basis by said nobodies or government officials in the lucrative canicide business (though Wojciechowski made clear that no EU funds are used for the government's dog killing enterprise... it is not clear where the funds are taken from or whether the massive funding of the mass killing is obtained through legal means...).
"a society schooled in aggression against those who 'can' give and receive 'love' by denying this in the worst possible way is the ultimate anathema to a modern civilization. THE KILLING OF LOVE affronts every fiber in the fabric of society... rips the heart out of spirituality... and makes mockery of the basic tenets of the European Union... of its 'common values'.  Nowhere in Europe is this concept of 'common values' so grotesquely betrayed, ignored and affronted as it is in Romania." (for source and more details here and here - the second video below)