August 14, 2014

On the issue of of dog killing illegality raised by Vier Pfoten, Bucharest City Hall's ASPA answers with unrelated self-serving cliches!

Recently Vier Pfoten Romania submitted an official complaint to Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu on the issue of dog killing illegality - a continuing abuse perpetrated by Bucharest City Hall's ASPA after the Court of Appeals Bucharest suspended the methodological norms of the infamous "killing law" (the issue raised by Vier Pfoten being the lack of legal documents supporting the continued dog killing). Unfortunately, the answer (provided by ASPA, the City Hall's dog killing agency) is a bunch of completely unrelated, politically correct, self-serving, cliches! Bottom line: ASPA does not care about justice, they have to move on with the killing and abuse - mayor Oprescu's pet project, and probably the only legacy.
"The City Hall of Bucharest cannot justify by any official document its decision to continue the stray dogs killing program! A month ago, VIER PFOTEN asked the City Hall to provide the official documents that justify the decision to ignore the suspension of the Methodological Norms of the killing law, by the Court of Appeal Bucharest. The wooden language of ASPA's answer cannot hide a reality: these documents don’t exist! VIER PFOTEN stress again that, by ignoring a Court decision and continuing of the stray dogs „management”, all people involved can be charged with criminal offence for intentional killing of dogs without legal grounds and embezzlement of public money."

From Vier Pfoten to mayor Sorin Oprescu:
City Hall/ASPA's wooden language answer (completely unrelated to the issue raised by Vier Pfoten):