September 22, 2014

As governmental as it can get - a deceptive NGO with a mission: rooting for Bancescu's dog killers

Where one can see that IREC, a self-appointed "civic responsible" NGO is in fact... as governmental as it can get, with a direct line of communication with the infamous manager of the Romanian lucrative ($$$$$$...) stray dog killing enterprise Razvan Bancescu (Bucharest mayor's buddy and specialist in assaulting animal activists, here issuing an update to said NGO's leader), and thus a direct accomplice to the illegal continuation of the killings (in complete contempt of Court of Appeals' decision). 

A recent heart-breaking report on the brutal consequences of an unhealthy state of mind spreading around, boosted by the cruel acts of private dog-catching government contractors, and by the propaganda of their deceptive NGO acolytes who constantly deny that animal abuse happens:
"Warning to all dog owners in TITAN (borough in Bucharest) and not only: due to the constant instigation against dogs in the media, the police-backed brutal and illegal activities of dog catchers, and last but not least due to all who just stand by quietly doing nothing (some even encouraging barbaric animal cruelty practices), all psychopaths got out of darkness to satisfy their sadistic instincts without any fear of consequences. My 15 year old dog who can barely walk, never goes away from me for more than a couple of steps, has a collar and does not run around the building, was SHOT with a pellet gun, in TITAN, where I lived for 10 years. He has pellets in his neck, jaw and leg.What if the pellets would have hit a child ? What would have happened then?"
The Romanian animal activists need Europe to communicate in unequivocal terms to the authorities that mass killing and animal cruelty must stop, together with Europe's concern with the fact that an outrageously high number of abuses like Grivita's did (and still do) happen.