September 12, 2014

Justice For More Than 100 Strays Found Dead In the Back Of An ASPA Truck In Romania: PETITION to stop police and ASPA combined abuse

SIGN AND SHARE: Justice For More Than 100 Strays Found Dead In the Back Of A ASPA Truck In Romania

Animal rights activists had another encounter with the employees of ASPA Romania.
20 representatives of an NGO, animal lovers, blocked the entrance to the dog shelter from Bragadiru after finding out that animals were destroyed there. A truck was blocked on the road.
In the back of the truck there were more than one hundred dead dogs. One of the activists declared that some of the animals were recently destroyed and their bodies were still warm. The animals were taken to be incinerated and the police opened an investigation against the activists for blocking the road.
Animal activists state that the law regarding the capture of stray dogs has been suspended by a legal instance but the ASPA representatives claim that the decision was not definitive and that the law still stands.
Many voices claim that the animals were not euthanized but inhumanely put down in terrible pain. The truth is out there but it seems that ASPA is working hand in hand with the police and nothing can stop them.
Please sign this petition and let's show our full support for the activists that stood up for the rights of the animals and urge the Romanian authorities to start an investigation and find out if the animals were inhumanely destroyed.
Demand justice for the strays and ask for a full report regarding the animals that were found in the back of the truck!

My comment (MC): It's outrageous, first of all, if Europe will not take any action on the despicable epidemic of animal abuse in Romania, compounded by government backing of the massive killing of innocent stray dogs, despite the injunction issued by an Appeals Court - which makes said killing illegal, and Bancescu (ASPA manager) together with Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu (to add insult to injury, he is MD...) abominable THUGS!