October 9, 2014

Terrified dogs saved from the Bragadiru shelter of extermination, comments on "insane and cruel killing spree"...

Image and comment source - The Laika Fund for Street dogs - FB

"Take a look at these TERRIFIED six dogs. These are the last group we asked for out of Bragadiru. The white one was supposed to come out with an earlier group, and was missed, but I found her. Two other dogs we had reserved previously, never turned up, and I was NOT allowed to go look for them. Now a beautiful chocolate puppy we asked for with this group, is also missing. Over the weekend, this evil place cleaned house. Three whole buildings are empty! Despite the suspension of the kill law, the killing continues, and now accusations are made about a person who helps us to pull, being paid for dogs. This is utter nonsense, but I understand why they think this way. It is because THEY make money from these dogs, from their killing. And every dog adopted, means one they are NOT paid to kill! These dogs are all terrified, I do not even want to think what they had to see, hear and smell this past weekend. These are a lucky few, and the brindle especially, as this is likely one that was mistaken for our missing chocolate puppy. This insane and cruel killing spree is going on in shelters all over Romania, in defiance of the LAW, and it has got to stop!