January 27, 2015

Catei infometati in adaposturile de exterminare din RO fortati sa se devoreze intre ei, lacheii mafiei higheresti in "stare oficiala de denial"

BAIA MARE: Starving dogs in Romanian shelter forced to EAT each other to stay alive are rescued by animal lover  - Daily Mail UK - via NU grupului extremist IREC  

Bineinteles, mafia hinghereasca si lacheii acesteia de la IREC (si nu numai...) vor intra intr-o "stare oficiala de denial". Cineva comenteaza: 
"I have a romanian dog, rescued from the streets before she could be caught by the brutal dogcatchers. Thousands of dogs have been captured and cruelly killed in the public "shelters" - they are not euthanised as we know it, but are starved or beaten to death, or injected with bleach ... I have organised demos in London about this and been to the EU Brussels to protest. I am going to a protest in Bucharest next month. But no-one cares. There is too much money involved - they get paid so much for each dog they catch they are now even taking people's pets. No animal is safe in romania"...