June 20, 2015

David Chalmers - Towards a Science of Consciousness

"Robert Lawrence Kuhn: In principle is it possible for the neuroscience to explain the hard problem? In principle!
David Chalmers: What I would say is, on its own, no. That is, if you want a complete explanation of consciousness in terms of the processes in the brain and that’s all, no. Process in the brain would explain things like the functioning of brain system, the behavior they produce, maybe if you want to explain how we walk, how we talk, then there is a potential for explanation of that in terms of brain processes. But when it comes to consciousness [...] the hard problem is the problem of our subjective experience that looks like just telling the structural, dynamical story about the brain, only with a gap - why is that always accompanied by experience, why it doesn’t it go on in the dark…"