November 12, 2015

Animal cruelty PETITION - to exclude all Romanian FVE - representatives

This petition, started on 10th of November, 2015, is a joint action by 'Starromania - Schweizer Tieraerzte für Rumänien', 'Occupy for Animals' & 'Alliance against Abuses', and calls on all international members of FVE to pressurize their headquarters in Brussels to have the Romanian FVE-representation excluded from the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, because of the behavior of their National Sanitary-Veterinary Authority (A.N.S.V.S.A.) and their representatives - most of all Liviu Harbuz - the "father" of the current murderous and corrupt law - and this until an end is being put to the unspeakable cruelty and horrors that the Romanian dogs are subjected to.

Sign the petition HERE.