November 20, 2015

Boundaries of the mind

Tocmai reflectam deunazi la o definitie a matematicii ca "boundary of the mind" (intr-un sens care inca se cere perfectat). Iata ce am descoperit, incidental, cautind sa vad daca altii s-au mai gindit la numitele frontiere: 
"Boundaries of the mind refers to a personality trait concerning the degree of separateness ("thickness") or connection ("thinness") between mental functions and processes. Thin boundaries are associated with open-mindedness, sensitivity, vulnerability, creativity, and artistic ability. People with thin boundaries may tend to confuse fantasy and reality and tend to have a fluid sense of identity, so that they tend to merge or lose themselves in their relations with others. People with thick boundaries differentiate clearly between reality and fantasy and between self and other, and tend to prefer well-defined social structures. The concept was developed by psychoanalyst Ernst Hartmann from his observations of the personality characteristics of frequent nightmare sufferers.The construct has been particularly studied in relation to dream recall and lucid dreaming." (cf. Wikipedia - Boundaries of the mind)