December 3, 2015

Bob Dylan - The Night We Called It A Day

A most interesting comment: 
"I think this video tells a story of Bob Dylan. Tracy Phillips could be a symbol for the people of the public. Robert Davi could be the establishment (Political/Commercial/Religious powers). Bob Dylan could be himself. So the establishment(Davi) pretends to love the people(Phillips), but really is just controlling her. She wants to be free and leave Davi for Bob and the freedom and justice he represents. Bob really loves the people(he understands the suffering of the poor ever since he was young in Hibbing, Minn. He loves Justice. Its in every one of his songs- just like Woody Guthrie). PLOT: Bob tries to rescue the people from the injustice of the establishment in the 1960's. The people try to kill the establishment with chloroform and a fireplace poker(the revolution of the 1960's). It looks like the people love Bob and are trying to protect him while he has his back turned on the establishment. But then the people try to kill Bob because he is a witness and they blame him for the whole mess. But Bob is one step ahead of them all and with a sad heart Bob has to protect himself and survive. The people of the 1960's revolution do themselves in as Bob defends himself and escapes with his life. whew! What a story! Thus the title: "The Night We Called It A Day". The End :) "