March 20, 2016

The dramatic case of little Ionut Anghel - killed by fighting dogs, not by stray dogs! Criminal cover up may be the real cause of the epidemic of animal cruelty in Romania

As believed by many, Romanian stray dogs were wrongfully accused: Ionut Anghel's death may be due to a dog fighing ring - a clear cover up in a case of criminal negligence. 

The dramatic case of little Ionut Anghel - known as "the child killed by strays" - takes a new turn. According to expert opinion, the child was killed by FIGHTING DOGS! According to an article published only hours ago by 'Romania TV', lawyers have submitted an expertise that gives a new twist to the entire investigation. Specialists claim that the child was killed by fighting dogs, not by stray dogs!

A veterinary report concluded that the bites on Ionut Anghel's body could have been caused by a dog trained for fighting, whereas the rather superficial bites were caused by the strays.

According to Romania TV, the expert claims that the bites on Ionut body are specific to fighting dogs. In addition, and in support of this theory, the vet said that this was why Ionut's brother has not been attacked by the dogs. A stray dog would attack anyone they perceive as "enemy", while dogs trained for fighting would not be chasing a different prey once they found a victim. Moreover, the hypothesis is taking shape since several witnesses have recounted that dog fights would often be organized in this area.

Original article in Romanian language here:

"Acele muşcaturi cu respectivele prize sunt specifice câinilor de luptă. De asemenea, un astfel de caine de lupta nu alearga dupa alta prada dacă şi-a găsit o victimă. Astfel, se explică şi faptul că fratele lui Ionuţ nu a fost atacat", transmite RomâniaTV. Mai mult, ipoteza prinde contur având în vedere că mai multi martori au povestit ca in zona în care a murit Ionut se desfasurau lupte de caini.