March 30, 2017

Heartbreaking: RIP Grivita, survivor of inimaginable animal cruelty in Romania

Hearbreaking news from Speranta shelter:

RIP, Grivita darling , We could hardly get over our shock and our tears to give you the saddest news we could: our beloved Grivita, the very symbol of our shelter, passed away. Cause of death, according to a first necropsy: heart attack. Grivita was miraculously saved after being mutilated. Although we took care of her every minute of every our of every day, in the last 3 years and a half, we feel that she gave us a lot more than we could ever give her: she gave us warmth, she gave us her trust and friendship, she gave us the hope in a better world. And, above all, Grivita tough us the importance of forgiveness. We will be forever grateful for this lesson. In the following days, we’ll build a small monument in our shelter, one that will forever remind us of Grivita. We’re waiting for all of you to visit it, because we consider that it’s so important to recall, all together, how much a poor dog did without a snout meant for every one of us.