June 25, 2019

Ultima reduta a negationismului climatic - obliterata

Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, worked with a team of researchers to look at the 38 papers published in peer-reviewed journals in the last decade that denied anthropogenic global warming.
Every single one of those analyses had an error—in their assumptions, methodology, or analysis—that, when corrected, brought their results into line with the scientific consensus,” Hayhoe wrote in a Facebook post.
Source:  Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed - By Katherine Ellen Foley in Quarz - September 5, 2017

Cind cel mai mare lingvist nu-si poate gasi cuvintele...

"When the best linguist can't find a word...
(source: More Trees Less Assholes - FB)

Observatorul ca "axis mundi" (of choice)

In preajma evenimentelor majore (echinox/solstitiu) intotdeauna vizitez observatorul...

June 16, 2019

Patti Smith's GLORIA

A random, albeit very pertinent comment:
This must be one of the greatest performances of Patti Smith's long and brilliant career. And "Gloria" is certainly one of her best songs: she reworks Van Morrison and Them's 1966 garage-rock "Gloria" into something uniquely her own, fusing sexuality and (anti)religiosity, with those piano chords chiming like bells - and those mad galloping drums - all the while behind it. Perfect! Sometimes I think Patti Smith is exactly the kind of performer that I'd give anything to be, and that I know I never could be. She's a true rock'n' roll poet, and as such, she's one of my greatest inspirations.

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