March 29, 2012

R. I. P. Earl Scruggs (1924 - 2012)

Earl Scruggs (January 6, 1924 - March 28, 2012) - Fireball Mail

Au contraire... Chesterton's wit

"The truth is, of course, that the curtness of the Ten Commandments is an evidence, not of the gloom and narrowness of a religion, but, on the contrary, of its liberality and humanity. It is shorter to state the things forbidden than the things permitted: precisely because most things are permitted, and only a few things are forbidden.” (G. K. Chesterton, 'Illustrated London News,' January 3, 1920).

March 26, 2012

Northrop Frye on literature and mathematics

Herman Northrop Frye (Anatomy of Criticism, 1957, p.351; online source) on literature and mathematics: both
„proceed from postulates, not facts; both can be applied to external reality and yet exist also in a 'pure' or self-contained form. Both, furthermore, drive a wedge between the antithesis of being and non-being that is so important for discursive thought”...

March 23, 2012

Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor
Antonio Vivaldi -  Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor (RV 522)
Willi Boskowsky, Jan Tomasow (solo violins)

March 5, 2012

Andrei Rublev - Holy Trinity Icon

„If you wish to speak about God, renounce your body and physical feelings, leave the earth, leave the sea and make the air be beneath you. Pass over the seasons of the year, their proper order, the adornments of the earth, stand higher than the ether, pass through the stars, their beauty, greatness, benefit, which they offer to the whole, good order, light, position, movement, and that, how many connections and distance they have between them. Passing over all this with the mind, go around the sky and, stopping above it, with one thought visualize all the beauty there: disregarding the armies of the Angels, the leadership of the Archangels, the glory of the Hosts, the chairmanship of the Thrones, Powers, Principalities, Powers. Passing over all these, leaving all creation below your thoughts, raising your mind beyond the boundaries of it, imagine in your thoughts God’s essence, immovable, infallible, unchangeable, impassive, simple, uncomplicated, light unapproachable, power beyond words, limitless greatness, glory radiant, kindness coveted, beauty immeasurable, which strongly strikes the wounded soul, but cannot by its merit be portrayed by words. (St. Basil the Great, cited in an article by Bishop Alexander Mileant of blessed memory).