July 31, 2014

Vier Pfoten: "există o cultură a neglijenţei şi a abuzului la scară naţională"

Vier Pfoten: "există o cultură a neglijenţei şi a abuzului la scară naţională"- apud adevarul.ro 
Cum mor câinii fără stăpân în adăposturile din România: maidanezi în cuşti cu cadavre, sânge şi mâncare amestecată cu excremente
Citeste mai mult: adev.ro/n9gwod

July 29, 2014

Inspiratie pentru teoreticieni dintr-o carte de copii

Dintr-o carte de copii: o poveste care poate inspira teoreticieni maturi :-))
"In our world, time is becoming unruly. Some seconds, some minutes, some hours last longer than others. Some are shorter. We do not know how this is happening, but this is happening. The fabric of time is beginning to tear, and when it tears, the past pokes through, and sometimes the future, too. You have heard of the time tornadoes that have struck this city, and yesterday you were caught in a time trap. So far these things are small enough, but they are signs, signs that time as we know it may be coming to an end." (Jeanette Winterson, "Tanglewreck" - Bloomsbury Publishing, NY 2006)

Mark Twain - on heaven, humans and dogs

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” 
Mark Twain (source)

July 27, 2014

"West of the Moon, East of the Sun"... J. R. R. Tolkien

“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”
J.R.R. Tolkien
Photo:  Moseley Bog, from Wikipedia: "Tolkien lived nearby, as a child, and acknowledged the site as inspiration for the ancient forests in his books The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit."

July 25, 2014

Lacheii guvernului hingheresc si cacealmaua cu somatul ambasadorilor

CEA MAI NOUA GASELNITA a unei maini de neica nimeni, lachei "responsabili civic" (or so they say) ai guvernului hingheresc - cuprinsi mai nou de febra comunicatelor internationale - someaza ambasadele europene sa-si potoleasca cetatenii care, alaturi de activistii romani, se opun abuzurilor guvernamentale in privinta cainilor strazii, intetite dupa suspendarea, de catre Curtea de Apel Bucuresti, a normelor de aplicare a legii uciderii. Din nefericire pentru acest grupuscul ("IREC") umflat de slava desarta pina la punctul de a se sparge, scrisoarea este o cacealma de toata jena. Daca statul roman considera ca numitii cetateni europeni straini au intreprins ceva ilegal, sa faca bine atunci si sa le intenteze procese, formale, cu toata rigoarea. Insa statul roman (in acest context particular, guvernul hingheresc) NU o face TOCMAI pentru ca initierea unor asemenea procese - despre care se poate, evident, astepta ca vor fi intens mediatizate de aparatorii legali (straini si acestia) intr-o Europa anti-canicid - ar fi o mutare cistigatoare pentru cei ce se opun epidemiei de cruzime impotriva animalelor din Romania. Guvernul hingheresc nu numai ca nu are nici un caz, ci nu poate purta un proces cu numitii cetateni straini fara ca intreaga abundenta de abuzuri guvernamentale impotriva cainilor si oamenilor deopotriva sa fie scoasa la vedere de reprezentantii legali ai acuzatilor - care in mod sigur vor avea o expertiza profesionala bogata, studiaza serios... si nu plagiaza!
Image Source. On topic: Letter to the EU Court of Justice: when animal abuse becomes abuse of human beings

Flash-mob vineri 25 Iulie ora 12:00 in fata PMB - abuzurile ASPA sub Oprescu, Treeroiu, Bancescu. Why can’t Romania end its perpetual cycle of stray dogs abuse?

Enough abuses! Leave, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!...

Why can’t Romania end its perpetual cycle of stray dogs abuse? - by Stephen McGrath

July 23, 2014

Beyond Energy, Matter, Time and Space

Beyond Energy, Matter, Time and Space
George Johnson in NY Times, 7/21/2014
"Reviewing Dr. Tegmark’s book in The New York Times Book Review, the mathematician Edward Frenkel noted that only a small part of the vast ocean of mathematics appears to describe the real world. The rest seems to be about nothing other than itself. That purity is part of its appeal."

Brasov Appeals Court suspends methodological norms too!

BRASOV Appeal Court follows in the footsteps of the Appeal Court in Bucharest and suspends a series of methodological norms for the "killing law"...
Doesn't look like good news for ASPA, Bancescu, Oprescu and the like...

July 22, 2014

An injured kid facing the killing law and abuses perpetrated by Bucharest civil servants

THE KID INJURED in a car accident by Romania's aggressive canicide mastermind Razvan Bancescu (ASPA manager) sits in front of Bucharest City Hall (image source), and asks Sorin Oprescu (Bucharest mayor) why the City still uses the services of Bancescu, given the abuses he committed. Of course, the chances that Oprescu would provide an answer to her are dim, the mayor being himself a rabid supporter of the killing law. The recent injunction issued by an appeal court is ignored by ASPA's private dog catchers - the killing goes on, while the animal activists are insulted, punched, assaulted and threatened with death by civil servants.  TWEET!

Animal cruelty alert: documenting the horrible conditions in Romanian public animal shelters. Injunction issued by appeal court ignored by many local governments

FOUR PAWS International / Vier Pfoten: shocking video documenting the horrible conditions in Romanian public animal shelters...43 shelters have been visited in the period between March and May 2014... None of them conformed to the law... Dead dogs in the shelter... overcrowded kennels... injured and ill dogs... and appalling hygiene standard in all of them...It is high time to change these conditions!...  In Romanian - here. Note that the killing continues despite the injunction issued by appeals court, ignored by many local governments!

Please sign our online protest: www.four-paws.org/nokilling

Voice-Sensitive Regions in the Dog and Human Brain

Voice-Sensitive Regions in the Dog and Human Brain Are Revealed by Comparative fMRI
Current Biology, Volume 24, Issue 5, p574–578, 3 March 2014

July 19, 2014

EU Reporter - The brutal killing of dogs in Romania

HIGHLIGHTS: The picture was horrible... Romanian authorities have not good will to stop this brutal killing... The reason is business...The payment for killing one dog is over 200 Euros... and they are interested to continue this process... The method is really cruel and unacceptable... violation of the Lisbon Treaty [according to which] animals are sentient beings... not effective... we need more European competences... Europe has to act...trying to have some regulations... what is going on is really a big shame for Europe... the court decision [suspending the norms of the killing law] was a positive sign for Romania, but unfortunately the government appealed the decision... when you hear a mayor of a capital in a EU member country saying I give a damn on a court decision, what's your feeling?...There a will from outside to so do something... We [EU] should stop saying it's not our responsibility... It's important that Romanian animal protectors get support by members of the European Parliament...

July 18, 2014

Un abuz pe zi - Oprescu, Bancescu si afaceri dubioase cu hingheri privati

Nu trece nici macar o zi fara sa se auda de noi abuzuri ale ASPA-Băncescu sub supervizarea primarului Oprescu... O mafie de tip comando angajata in intimidare si afaceri abjecte cu contractori hingheri privati, scuipaturi, pumni, amenintari cu moartea, atacuri cu crose la picioarele activistilor ... in special dupa anuntarea injunctiei Curtii de Apel ; totul pare manat de interese financiare, cu multi $$$$$$ din bani publici. O veste buna: mobilizarea observatorilor din strainatate, care se pare ca ii deranjeaza in mod extrem. Must see video!
"Hingherul şef al capitalei, Răzvan Băncescu confundă cetăţenii cu câinii vagabonzi" - Epoch Times

R. I. P. Johnny Winter (1944 – 2014)

Be careful with a fool (Joe Josea, B. B. King) - Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter - Dr John - In Session TV

Prodigal Son - Johnny Winter And

It's All Over Now - Toronto 1983
Stray Cat Blues - from Saints and Sinners

July 16, 2014

Private contractors for Oprescu's ASPA attack Romanian and German activists, damage car

My comment - the fact that dogs captured by ASPA are "being left to die of hunger and dehydration as a result of the suspension of the the Methodological Norms" is still a crime according to the existing (not abrogated by said suspension of Methodological Norms) general animal cruelty laws. TWEET! https://twitter.com/MihaiCsquared/status/489451529750196224

A new chapter in the saga of government abuse: private contractors for Oprescu's ASPA dog killing business attack Romanian and German activists, damage car...

Dog catchers attacked Romanian and German activists, damaging their car. Excerpts from description text: During the night from 15th of July, 2014, Romanian activists who were accompanied by two people from Germany followed ASPA head, Razvan Bancescu, for more than one and half hour through Bucharest and who was again protected by the Police. This happened after they had visited a Bucharest shelter during the afternoon where they saw horrible images: dogs being left to die of hunger and dehydration as a result of the suspension of the the Methodological Norms for the implementation of the Killing Law (258/2013) which makes the killing of healthy animals illegal. One of the German activists later stated that they had troubles staying behind Bancescu's car as he drove dangerously through the busy city, not even respecting the traffic lights. Bancescu's irresponsible driving style is nothing new. This apparent lack of control appears to be consistent with his actions during the night of 8th of July, 2014 when he had caused a traffic accident - apparently intentionally - while cutting in front off a car from the Bucharest Team that followed the dog catchers to document their nightly illegal actions, resulting in the injury to three people who had to be taken to hospital. Bancescu's inability to control his aggression was captured on video, where he violently attacked by-standers, including an attempt to knock out a woman. In the next video, you can hear one of the German activists describing the attack (starting at 4:40) and stating that: "while they stopped their car, six people belonging to ASPA, came to their car, jumped on the hood and tried, with their fists and elbows, to break the windscreen which shattered all over his feet and that they hit him in the face, twice, and very brutally". 

Ilegalitățile ASPA, expuse de VIER PFOTEN la nivel internațional

Scandal: ASPA is still killing stray dogs 

NEW! Attacks by private dog-catchers (government contractors)

Taina creatiei

Sursa imaginii: Sfinții și animalele - http://sfintiisianimalele.blogspot.com/

Talk with a dolphin via underwater translation machine - New Scientist bit.ly/1tPpXnq 

Ravens and intelligence - National Geographic http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/raven_intelligence

July 13, 2014

Copii si animale: starea naturala...

Source: Les chats dorment n'importe où
Photo "vintage", la petite tricoteuse et le chat.

Oprescu administration's policeman to animal activists: "I will round up and kill all of you"!

When a team of animal activists got close to the dog catchers in order to film the collar of the the dog they just captured (showing that the dog was not stray - fact also stated by the dog's caregiver that was shouting from nearby), the policeman accompanying said dog catchers became aggressive and quickly issued the following threat:
"I will round up and kill all of you!"
The defiant city administration seems not to care... they will issue no reprimand, no apology, ZIP! They just want to apply in peace the.... "killing law" whose norms were recently suspended by an appeal judge - but again, the city administration seems not to care... There is no circumstance that can "explain away" the public death threat issued by a local government representative (said policeman is making his living from the taxpayer's money). Back to Romania of the 1950's ? Again, the mayor Oprescu seems not to care...


P.S. Un comentariu recent din tara, preluat de pe FB - foarte relevant in special in privinta extraordinarelor piedici puse celor ce vor sa adopte:
"Noi, cei de aici, suntem supusi unor abuzuri incredibile. Daca e sa incepem cu cele care nu ne fac in mod direct rau noua sau familiilor noastre, hai sa amintim restrictionarea adoptiilor ( si aici nu intru in amanunte pe care deja le cunosti.....programul lor de adoptii este in timpul orelor noastre de lucru, nu exista o campanie de promovare a adoptiilor, ni se INTERZICE intrarea in adaposturi....daca vrei sa adopti un caine trebuie sa spui cam ce vrei si ti-l aduc ei etc....) hai sa continuam cu ceva nitel mai grav.....amenintari directe la persoana, amenintari care ne vizeaza, care ne vizeaza familiile si copiii.....ai vazut.....la proteste suntem mult mai muli decat ei.....ei sunt 10, noi suntem sute! S-a iesit si in strada, NOAPTEA.....sunt convinsa ca ai urmarit ce s-a intamplat.....din pacate pe aici nu ne luptam doar cu niste jeguri platite ireciste....mafia e la un nivel mult mai inalt.....e greu, e foarte greu....fiecare victorie conteaza enorm, orice esec ne afecteaza, puterile si posibilitatile ne sunt limitate ( si aici vorbesc in numele PERSOANELOR FIZICE implicate in salvarea cainilor, persoane care nu sunt deloc putine la numar) Fiecare face ce poate, cum poate! Chiar si voi, cei care sunteti departe de tara dar cu sufletul alaturi de noi, ne-ati ajutat enorm. Dar e greu cand te lovesti de ziduri......ai vazut filmarea de azi in care un jandarm zicea ''va omor pe toti?'' Trist, dar adevarat! Dar mergem inainte!"

July 12, 2014

Quo vadis canicide masterminds? The killing of love vs European values

Peter von Kohl (EU Reporter, special correspondent) in dialogue (first video below) with MEP Janusz Wojciechowski (on the left) -  likely the next President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals on the cruel treatment of stray dogs in Romania and the killings that are still being done despite injunction issued by Romanian appeal court (via Occupy For Animals - FB). Under the circumstances, who can blame Janusz Wojciechowski who suggests tourists should be advised against traveling to Romania due to the (potentially psychologically harmful, one might easily argue) cruel government practices involving animal abuse that they might witness, practices that are "under the standard of civilization"...    
QUO VADIS canicide masterminds Oprescu and Bancescu (who recently took a swing on a protester)? To say nothing about the vocal nobodies supporting of the killing law (most notoriously represented by "IREC" - a group of self-appointed "civically responsibles" with an inflated sense of importance), who lately appear to specialize in calling the dog catchers while tempting (thus keeping busy) kind and hungry stray dogs with bits of food.. The group of 60+ percent of Romanians opposing the killing law - thus making the existential choice for LOVE - is either ignored/misrepresented, or otherwise insulted on a daily basis by said nobodies or government officials in the lucrative canicide business (though Wojciechowski made clear that no EU funds are used for the government's dog killing enterprise... it is not clear where the funds are taken from or whether the massive funding of the mass killing is obtained through legal means...).
"a society schooled in aggression against those who 'can' give and receive 'love' by denying this in the worst possible way is the ultimate anathema to a modern civilization. THE KILLING OF LOVE affronts every fiber in the fabric of society... rips the heart out of spirituality... and makes mockery of the basic tenets of the European Union... of its 'common values'.  Nowhere in Europe is this concept of 'common values' so grotesquely betrayed, ignored and affronted as it is in Romania." (for source and more details here and here - the second video below)

July 11, 2014

On animal abuse, lack of character of some self-appointed "civically responsible" nobodies

A group of self-appointed "civically responsible" nobodies lately appears to specialize in calling the dog catchers while tempting - thus keeping busy - kind and hungry stray dogs with bits of food....What a lack of character! Recently two animal activists saved one of those poor animals. Kudos to them!

"Always help someone.You might be the only one that does" 
 (Daniel John Dragan with Kola Kariola - FB, picture source)

July 9, 2014

Caption: outright assault by dog-killer-in-chief Bancescu, Sorin Oprescu's homeboy

Government abuse: caption showing Razvan Bancescu, faithful servant of Sorin Oprescu-Mengele (canicide mastermind and mayor of Bucharest) taking a swing at an activist...

ASPA's Bancescu missed his calling, might want to call Jerry Springer ASAP

JUST tweeted this:
Bucharest mayor's homeboy - dog killer Bancescu (ASPA) assaults activist against animal abuse in
Apparently Razvan Bancescu missed his calling! He might want to call the tabloid talk show host Jerry Springer, who might be in need of a overweight, narcissistic, violent clown ready to make a fool of himself in one of his shows. See the video "Romania: Fists fly: animal activists brawl with dog killer".

Loreena McKennit-Kecharitomene

“Deserts are here intended as a long path of solitude, in search for truth. At the beginning of the trip, our instinctive part, represented by animals, will be held in order to wait the right time in wich it will be accepted and expressed. Along the way, it will be our guide, and it will take us step by step towards our goal. The end of the journey will bring us, in this way, to a new enlightened wisdom, represented by the lantern in the final scene.” - via terapieprinlumina

July 4, 2014

Tormenter-in-chief Bancescu (ASPA - Bucharest) to animal activist: "I know where you work!"

SINCE the injunction issued by appeal judge, the now illegal actions of the dog catchers managed by the infamous Razvan Bancescu (see the report below, in Romanian) fall under the existing animal cruelty laws of Romania - and regular criminal law as well. Said manager is still defiant, issuing threats ("I know where you work!" - he is reported to have said to an activist) and making slanderous accusations (those opposing animal cruelty are accused off-hand of "animal trafficking").  Last by not least, ASPA employees and/or associates are now assaulting dog owners (see photo below) with the apparent intent of stealing the pets held on a leash!
"Azi noapte, in prezenta mai multor martori, Razvan Bancescu - seful ASPA- m-a avertizat/amenintat ca stie unde lucrez. Si eu stiu, domnule Bancescu, unde lucrati. Si stiu si cine va plateste. Si stiu ca hingherii activeaza ilegal din data de 20 iunie. Si stiu si cati caini ati omorat ilegal incepand cu acea data. Stiu si ca angajatii dvs au batut crunt o femeie pentru ca nu a vrut sa-i lase sa ia cainele pe care il plimba in lesa. Stiu ca incalcati legea, am si dovezi. Stiu ca incalcati si hotararea declarata a lui Sorin Oprescu de a sista activitatile. Si mai stiu un lucru: nu sunt singura! Suntem prea multi ca sa ne puteti intimida cu golanii si manelisme de Ferentari. Azi noapte, au fost mai multe persoane Pe urmele HINGHERILOR decat stiti dvs sa numarati. Maine, la noapte si in zilele ce vor urma, vom fi si mai multi! PS: desi m-ati amenintat ca stiti ca sunt controlor de trafic aerian, in fata camerelor, ati preferat sa ma numiti “traficanta de caini”. Un singur sfat: nu uitati ca foamea voastra de bani si setea de sange, n-o sa intreaca niciodata iubirea noastra pentru animale. Niciodata!" (Sursa: Facebook - Doar Ciuf)

Ontopic: NELEGIUITII DE LA ASPA – Curtea de Apel Bucuresti a suspendat normele de aplicare a Legii prin care s-a dat liber la eutanasierea cainilor fara stapan. Dispozitiile Curtii sunt sfidate. Angajatii ASPA, in frunte cu seful hingherilor Razvan Bancescu, ies in fiecare seara sa vaneze si sa masacreze animale pe strazi, dar si sa agreseze iubitorii de caini care se opun acestor practici barbare (Bataie - Video)

Slavirea, inaintarea in iubire si necuvantatoarele

'''Înaintând în iubire, niciodată nu ajungem la sfârșit, nici în veacul acesta, nici în cel viitor, adăugând lumină la lumină. [...] eu n-aș spune nici despre ființele neînțelegătoare că nu înaintează. Ci spun cu tărie că și ele adaugă pururea slavă la slavă și cunoștință la cunoștință" (Sfântul Ioan Scărarul, "Scara", cap. XXVI, Ed. Inst. Biblic, București, 1980, pp. 360-361, via Florin Caragiu / FB). 

July 1, 2014

Canicide masterminds Oprescu and Bancescu ignore injunction issued by appeal judge, making justice in Romania a farce

CE municipalitate din lume nu respecta injunctiile judecatoresti? Primaria Municipiului Bucuresti se situeaza sub incidenta celor "două legi care, cel puțin teoretic, pedepsesc cruzimea față de animale", cu circumstanta agravanta a ignorari unei decizii judecatoresti a Curtii de Apel Bucuresti.

Canicide masterminds Sorin Oprescu (Bucharest mayor) and Razvan Bancescu (ASPA manager) ignore injunction issued by appeal judge, making justice in Romania a farce! To add insult to injury, it appears that Oprescu wants to run for President.

Nasul TV: Măcelul continuă | În ciuda hotărârii Curţii de Apel, Primăria Capitalei continuă să ucidă câinii maidanezi! Peste 10.000 de câini au fost omorâţi până acum în Capitală de ASPA
"Angajații ASPA, ucigași fără milă plătiți din banii statului" 
"Brutalitatea hingherilor, dovedită în repetate rânduri"
Din tensiunile generate de sfidarea recentei hotarari judecatoresti (cit si a populatiei, care in majoritate, se opune legii uciderii) de catre ASPA & co. :