August 28, 2014

Oregon - o lege istorica impotriva abuzului animalelor

Curtea Suprema a statului american Oregon a adoptat o lege istorica care va imbunatati statutul legal al animalelor. Potrivit noii hotarari, animalul poate fi considerat formal ca victima intr-un proces legal, fapt care va conferi animalelor o protectie legala crescuta in fata abuzurilor.

Landmark Ruling: Animals Can Legally Be Considered Victims, Just Like Humans
(The Dodo - by Melissa Cronin - August 22, 2014)

Image source: Flickr-EmmyMik

August 19, 2014

Nature is not as you imagine her

Nature is not as you imagine her: 
She's not a mold, nor yet a soulless mask - 
She is made up of soul and freedom
She is made up of love and speech... 
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

Ploieşti: protest against dog poisonings, abuses of Social-Democratic Party's dog catchers

Cu asemenea oribile abuzuri, mai ales daca faptuitorii nu sunt identificati si pedepsiti, Ploiestiul nu are ce cauta in Europa. Din pacate cruda nesimtire a administratorilor vremelnici ai acestui oras nu inspira decat rusine in sufletele cetatenilor cu un simt moral sanatos ce s-au nascut in urbea lui Caragiale. Trist. Fara alte comentarii.
CÂINI OTRĂVIŢI cu Furadan. Oamenii au ieşit în stradă la Ploieşti: "Jos hingherii PSD" 

Sorin Oprescu's only legacy: animal cruelty! Dogs sprayed with water, electrocuted

Marianne Schäfer 
August 15
Die Hunde von Staatlicher Tierheim Odai Bukarest Rumänien .
Am Abend werden die Hunde geschlagen mit Wasser besprüht und dann grausam mit Strom getötet.
Cainii din adapostul Odai Bucuresti
Seara ciinii sint batuti stropiti cu apa si apoi electrocutati.

August 15, 2014

Maryam Mirzakhani - prima femeie premiata cu Medalia Fields - ICM 2014 Seoul

Maryam Mirzakhani - Iranian mathematician, full Professor of Mathematics at Stanford, first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal, at The International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 (Seoul, August 13-21)
"for her outstanding contributions to the dynamics and geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces" - see presentation and video @

August 14, 2014

On the issue of of dog killing illegality raised by Vier Pfoten, Bucharest City Hall's ASPA answers with unrelated self-serving cliches!

Recently Vier Pfoten Romania submitted an official complaint to Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu on the issue of dog killing illegality - a continuing abuse perpetrated by Bucharest City Hall's ASPA after the Court of Appeals Bucharest suspended the methodological norms of the infamous "killing law" (the issue raised by Vier Pfoten being the lack of legal documents supporting the continued dog killing). Unfortunately, the answer (provided by ASPA, the City Hall's dog killing agency) is a bunch of completely unrelated, politically correct, self-serving, cliches! Bottom line: ASPA does not care about justice, they have to move on with the killing and abuse - mayor Oprescu's pet project, and probably the only legacy.
"The City Hall of Bucharest cannot justify by any official document its decision to continue the stray dogs killing program! A month ago, VIER PFOTEN asked the City Hall to provide the official documents that justify the decision to ignore the suspension of the Methodological Norms of the killing law, by the Court of Appeal Bucharest. The wooden language of ASPA's answer cannot hide a reality: these documents don’t exist! VIER PFOTEN stress again that, by ignoring a Court decision and continuing of the stray dogs „management”, all people involved can be charged with criminal offence for intentional killing of dogs without legal grounds and embezzlement of public money."

From Vier Pfoten to mayor Sorin Oprescu:
City Hall/ASPA's wooden language answer (completely unrelated to the issue raised by Vier Pfoten):

Vier Pfoten anunță prima comună din România cu toți câinii sterilizați

Comunicat Vier Pfoten:  
VIER PFOTEN a finalizat cu succes un proiect cu rezultate fără precedent: toți câinii cu stăpân din comuna Jichișu de Jos, județul Cluj, au fost sterilizați și microcipaţi gratuit, ca măsură de stopare a înmulțirii necontrolate și a abandonului de pui. Mulțumim asociației Anima Pro Terra Dej pentru buna colaborare în acest proiect, precum și primariei Jichișu de Jos și veterinarului local pentru sprijinul real acordat!
Great success for FOUR PAWS in Romania: All dogs with owners of the Romanian municipality Jichisu de Jos have been neutered and registered. This happens just in time, as starting on January 1st a new dog management law regulates all dogs with owners to be neutered an registered to the National Romanian national owned dogs registry (RECS). Otherwise dog owners have to face high fines.

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August 11, 2014

"Innocents" by Miriam Stockley

"Innocents" by Miriam Stockley 

Huffington Post - First City in Iran to Ban Killing Stray Dogs and the Woman Behind It

Negar Mojtahedi - August 8 in Huffington Post - First City in Iran to Ban Killing Stray Dogs and the Woman Behind It
"Shooting stray dogs is common practice in Iran. However, now the northwestern city of Tabriz has become the first and only city in the country to outlaw killing street dogs. It's all thanks to the efforts of one Iranian woman who is campaigning for those who can't speak for themselves." Read the whole article here.

August 8, 2014

Willie Nelson - on judging dogs

"Dogs, like people, are individuals and should each be judged on his/her own merits." - Willie Nelson (source)
May 2012: Pit bulls no longer deemed vicious by Ohio law ; in the associated poll, 78% of the respondents consider that "It's about time: Ohio should be ashamed for waiting so long to join other states in dropping the 'vicious' designation."

August 7, 2014

In timp ce suporterii infamei legi a uciderii utilizeaza copiii ca pretext...

In timp ce in Romania suporterii infamei legi a uciderii utilizeaza copiii ca pretext al abuzului animalelor sponsorizat de guvernul hingheresc, trei copii din clasa a 3-a dintr-o suburbie a orasului Chicago si-au  contactat reprezentantii politici, le-au oferit o prezentare la scoala, s-au angajat in strangerea de semnaturi de la alti studenti si membri ai comunitatii, au depus marturie in fata unui comitet de specialitate al legislativului statului american Illinois, determinand astfel adunarea generala formata din cele doua camere legislative din Illinois sa adopte o lege care inaspreste penalizarile pentru abuzul animalelor. Legea a fost semnata de guvernatorul democrat Pat Quinn la adapostul no-kill Paws Chicago.
Kids Get Governor To Increase Penalties For Animal Abuse.
This Is How Government Should Work
Huffington Post - August 5, 2014

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Closer to Believing

"I am closer to believing
Than I ever was before
On the crest of this elation
Must I crash upon the shore
And with the driftwood of acquaintance
Light the fire to love once more
I am wind blown...I am times"

Superb! Yes (Steve Howe) - Vivaldi's Concerto In D & "The Clap"

August 4, 2014

August 2, 2014: #‎ASPAdogKillers‬ trending - ON NUMBER ONE - on twitter!!!

An international "achievement" for ASPA and the infamous troika of canicide masterminds Oprescu-Bancescu-Treeroiu.

Photo source: Mel Royal/FB

A paleontological 'sobornost'...

Humans started making art when their personalities got 'gentler' - Telegraph (UK)
The study argues that living together and cooperating put a premium on agreeableness and lowered aggression and that, in turn, led to changed faces and more cultural exchange.
Da, unii n-au invatat nimic...

David Chalmers on the irreducibility of consciousness

Consciousness may be the authentic "prime element"...
Closer To Truth asks David Chalmers: Why is Consciousness so Mysterious?