October 23, 2014

Monstruozitatea cruzimii impotriva animalelor - cazul catelusei Karma, salvata si acum in cautare de o familie...

Catelusa salvata de la moarte de Asoc.LOVE_AND_LIFE_4_ANIMALS din Targu Mures, are 8 luni, este cuminte si afectuoasa! Vaccinata, deparazitata intern si extern, castrata si microcipata! Cine vrea sa o adopte pe Karma sa sune la 0758 - 35.85.95.

Descrierea albumului: "ATENTIE IMAGINILE SUNT EXTREM DE SOCANTE! Asemenea caz nu am avut, aproape ca i-a cazut capul. I s-a cusut capul inapoi :-(((. Dupa ce am terminat colecta de hrana si targul de adoptii am mers sa-i ducem pe cei 4 latraciosi. Doris a intrat intr-o hala, a latrat neincetat. Le-am curatat tarcul, ea nu a iesit din hala. Agitatie si in randul celor 2 caini Yaki si Biju. Am spus in sinea mea sigur a gasit un arici sau latra la vreo pisica. Hala era inchisa cu lacat, in perete era o gaura pe unde a intrat Doris. Pur si simplu a latrat la amaraciune pana a scos-o din hala. Parca semnaliza pericolul. Nu s-a lasat pana nu a iesit din hala cu puiul de catel. La un moment dat vine Anamaria si spune ca este un caine cu o sarma si un lemn legat la gat. Se vedea sangele. Cum statea sarma pe gat nu i s-a vazut ditamai rana. Am sunat de urgenta la cabinet, dl.dr. Borka Levente mi-a spus ca la ora 21 sa fiu la cabinet. Am ajuns la cabinet, cand i s-a scos sarma, de-abia ca-si mai tinea capul amaraciunea. Dupa cum vedeti in poza. M-am ingrozit. Ma intrebam cine a facut asta si pana unde duce imaginatia unora? Daca nu o scotea Doris (catelusa) de acolo pur si simplu plecam fara sa stiu de aceasta amaraciune. Mai avea zile de trait. Pur si simplu i s-a cusut capul. Era taiata in doua traheea. Multumiri d-lui dr. Borka Levente, duminica la ora 21 avea servicii de urgenta la cabinet. Starea catelusei este stabila, pana isi revine este adapostita temporar. Va rog distribuiti cazul ei ca cineva sa o adopte pt ca are mare nevoie de o casa si o stapana. Desi bugetul scartaie rau de tot, ma angajez sa o dau spre adoptie deparazitata, vaccinata si sterilizata, dar sa-si revina complet ! Multumesc ♥ "

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"cel mai periculos"...

The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins - a review by John Gray

John Gray in The New Republic - review of "An Appetite for Wonder: The Makings of a Scientist" by Richard Dawkins
The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins.
His atheism is its own kind of narrow religion 

October 18 - new protest in Bucharest against the killing of strays

New protests against the illegal killing perpetrated by the head abuser Bancescu's private dog catchers...  Source

October 13, 2014

Romania's Animal Police: ANSVSA's market stunt to counter their image loss...

Read Romania's Animal Police,ANSVSA's market stunt to counter their image loss
Romania's Animal Protection Laws, as well as the Methodological Norms for Law 258/2013 - the Slaughter Law - are of purely cosmetic nature given that there is nil enactment of any animal welfare laws and now indeed even governmental department declared ignorance of law applicability. 
Cosmetic posturing for external political consumption has declared an Animal Police, which is declared but inactive and populated by politically naive puppets whose inactive presence endorses the cosmetic posturing. 
Since February 2014 we have a government paid scapegoat who effectively does nothing, but with an incredibly strong future possibility of being constrained... to do nothing!

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Photo source: Occupy for Animals - Facebook

October 9, 2014

Florin Caragiu - "citești:"

frumusețea în matematică și în artă
activează aceeași zonă cerebrală,
s-a făcut frig în cameră.
o flacără ți-a rămas pe buze –
suferința lumii te arde
cu tandrețea-i stângace.
se-mpodobește în tine,
mirată că obiectele ei vintage
sunt atrase de principiul cutiei,
la fel cum ție îți place să încălzești
toamna cu aburul respirației.

Florin Caragiu - "Premise pentru o psihologie/psihanaliză creştină", Librăria Sophia București, 3 Octombrie 2014

On topic: Florin Caragiu - Premise pentru o psihologie/psihanaliză creştină (1)

Lansarea volumului: Florin Caragiu, "Întrupări ale iubirii" (Platytera, 2014), librăria Sophia, 3 Octombrie, 2014 (I)

POLONIA: legea permite organizatiilor pentru drepturile animalelor sa intervina imediat in cazuri de abuz

Joint Forces against Animal Cruelty: FOUR PAWS and Polish animal rights organization, Pogotowie dla Zwierzat rescue two starving, chained-up dogs

In an effort to stop animal cruelty, Polish animal rights organization, Pogotowie dla Zwierzat and Four Paws International, collaboratively rescued two chained-up dogs who were living in horrible conditions. The owners left the dogs isolated, on short chains, in filthy sheds. The dogs were found starved and in need of critical medical care. Polish animal welfare law allows for the immediate intervention by animal rights organizations, in cases involving animals living in inhumane conditions.Thanks to the collaborated efforts between both organizations, the two dogs are showing improvement and will soon be ready for adoption into new homes.

International support for the plight of Romanian stray dogs: Alena Gerber at Vier Pfoten

Model Alena Gerber mit VIER PFOTEN im Einsatz für rumänische Streunerhunde
FOUR PAWS received last Friday prominent visit to Romania: model, actress and presenter Alena Gerber actively assisted for a day FOUR PAWS staff in neutering dogs in Pantelimon (Bucharest, Romania), then visited the FOUR PAWS partner shelter Speranta.

Terrified dogs saved from the Bragadiru shelter of extermination, comments on "insane and cruel killing spree"...

Image and comment source - The Laika Fund for Street dogs - FB

"Take a look at these TERRIFIED six dogs. These are the last group we asked for out of Bragadiru. The white one was supposed to come out with an earlier group, and was missed, but I found her. Two other dogs we had reserved previously, never turned up, and I was NOT allowed to go look for them. Now a beautiful chocolate puppy we asked for with this group, is also missing. Over the weekend, this evil place cleaned house. Three whole buildings are empty! Despite the suspension of the kill law, the killing continues, and now accusations are made about a person who helps us to pull, being paid for dogs. This is utter nonsense, but I understand why they think this way. It is because THEY make money from these dogs, from their killing. And every dog adopted, means one they are NOT paid to kill! These dogs are all terrified, I do not even want to think what they had to see, hear and smell this past weekend. These are a lucky few, and the brindle especially, as this is likely one that was mistaken for our missing chocolate puppy. This insane and cruel killing spree is going on in shelters all over Romania, in defiance of the LAW, and it has got to stop!