February 7, 2018

Triple Neck Song - John Paul Jones

Partitions, Dyson, and Ramanujan - George Andrews

In 2013, Freeman Dyson celebrates his ninetieth birthday and also marks his sixtieth year as a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study. Dreams of Earth and Sky, conceived by Dyson’s colleagues in the School of Natural Sciences, was an opportunity to provide a perspective on his work and impact across the sciences and humanities. Held on the Institute campus from September 27-28, the program featured a range of talks on mathematics, physics, astronomy, and public affairs that reflect both the diversity of Dyson’s interests and his ability to open new dialogues and inspire generations of scholars. https://video.ias.edu/dyson-dreams

Partitions, Dyson, and Ramanujan - George Andrews
Introduction by Peter Sarnak

January 21, 2018

Kurt Cobain - Across the Universe

Math humor - a referee's report

"Referee's report: This paper contains much that is new and much that is true. Unfortunately, that which is true is not new and that which is new is not true." 
Anonymous, in H. Eves, Return to Mathematical Circles, Boston: Prindle, Weber, and Schmidt, 1988 https://www.maa.org/press/periodicals/convergence/quotations

December 29, 2017

Being lazy is a sign of high intelligence (study)

'Results of the study revealed the thinking group were far less active than the non-thinkers'

"Findings from a US-based study seem to support the idea that people with a high IQ get bored less easily, leading them to spend more time engaged in thought." 


my word statistics FB 2017

December 18, 2017

Planeta Gigantilor (1968 - 1970)

O informatie restauratoare

Intr-un sens profund, regele a reprezentat *informatie* (restauratoare a unei sanatati/normalitati sociale). O informatie ecranata de sistemul corupt. Invelita in white noise.
Pina acum.
Odata cu moartea sa, e posibil ca informatia sa fie mai greu de ecranat, a avut loc o tranzitie de faza, cum se spune. Politrucii nu sunt pregatiti pentru asta.
Nu-mi este clar, din pacate, nici daca populatia este pregatita. E un moment de criza, dar in orice criza se zice ca este si o oportunitate.
Dat fiind ofensiva anti-democratica curenta, este poate ultimul tren. 
Vom vedea.

Sound of gravitational waves...

"We cannot see or feel gravitational waves, which have only just been confirmed to exist, but there is a way we can “hear” them. When two black holes collide, here is the noise they make, or rather the waves."

December 8, 2017

sea of tranquility

Paint It Black

"The song's lyrics are, for the most part, meant to describe bleakness and depression through the use of colour-based metaphors. Initially, "Paint It Black" was written as a standard pop arrangement, humorously compared by Mick Jagger to "Songs for Jewish weddings". The song describes the extreme grief suffered by one stunned by the sudden and unexpected loss of wife, lover or partner. It is often claimed that Jagger took inspiration from novelist James Joyce's 1922 book, Ulysses, taking the excerpt, "I have to turn my head until my darkness goes", referring to the novel's theme of a worldwide view of desperation and desolation. The song itself came to fruition when band leader Brian Jones took an interest in Moroccan music. It was their first song to feature a sitar instrumental. "Paint It Black" came at a pivotal period in The Rolling Stones' recording history, a time that saw the songwriting collaboration of Jagger and Keith Richards assert itself as the principal composer of the band's original material." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paint_It_Black